OC 100-180

MONOBLOC COMPACT-ON OC 100-180 production model with a 100 or 180 litre useful product capacity, suitable for product film coating in NON-CLASSIFIED zone.

The monobloc stainless steel box houses the pan drum, the inlet air handling unit with electric heating battery and the electric-pneumatic panel.

This type of structure has been designed for limited production spaces and to enable immediate installation and production start-up, allowing it to be used also by small and medium sized companies without industrial utilities such as, for example, steam for heating or chilled water for conditioning.

All machine parts are easily dismantled and accessible for cleaning, in compliance with the strictest international regulations.


built-in inlet air handling unit, with electric heating battery

built-in electric-pneumatic panel

auto-cleaning dust collector with built-in muffled exhaust fan, to be positioned in the technical area

user friendly touch-screen operator panel

product drying system with paddle immersed in core bed

possibility of optional integration with standalone air dehumidification unit (without the need to connect to chilled water in line)


Mod. OC100

Mod. OC180

Finished product useful capacity

100 litres

180 litres

Pan motor power

3 kW

3 kW

Rpm variable from/to

5-30 rpm

5-30 rpm

Air delivery flow rate

650 m3/h

1000 m3/h

Max compressed air consumption

25 m3/h at 6 bar

40 m3/h at 6 bar

Electric heating battery consumption

25 kW

30 kW

Air delivery fan power

1.1 kW

1.1 kW

Outlet air fan power

4 kW

4 kW

Total max power consumption

35 kW

40 kW

Standard system voltage

400 V - 50 Hz

400 V - 50 Hz