Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

G.S. Coating Technologies offers systems designed to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical-nutraceutical sector. These systems deliver efficient treatment, technology and energy saving.


The system works in a closed pan with a front door, under negative pressure conditions for effective heat exchange via forced circulation of process air inside the mass of product.
Process air is drawn by a paddle the position of which is adjustable according to the quantity of cores.


Three models are available for different production requirements:


Model COMPACT-ON featuring monobloc box and built-in AHU with electric heating batteries for limited production spaces, suitable for product film coating in NON-CLASSIFIED zone.
Available with laboratory models or for small and medium production batches


Model OCQ featuring compact box and separate AHU with steam heating coil, suitable for product film coating in NON-CLASSIFIED zone.
Available with models for medium production batches


Model OCR featuring compact box, separate AHU with steam heating coil and operator terminal installed at a safe distance from the pan mouth, suitable for product film coating in ATEX 1 or 2 CLASSIFIED zone.

Available with models for medium production batches



The result of many years' experience in the sector, G.S. wheeled tanks are designed to provide a mixing system that guarantees:


optimum end product


uniform dispersion of the solid particles contained in the coating solution


constant mixing throughout the process

Models are available in the standard version or for installation in ATEX 1-21 CLASSIFIED zone.

Two dedicated construction lines built with contact parts in AISI 316 stainless steel:


T LINE: featuring small and medium capacity wheeled tanks with removable vessel


B LINE: featuring medium and large capacity wheeled tanks

The range is completed by LAB-MIX, a mixer-preparation unit for R&D laboratories.




G.S.'s experience in solving pan coating problems enables it to provide specialised technical support and to offer a broad range of used machines, suitable for overhaul and delivery to the end user, guaranteed - like new machines - and complete with certification.